Monday, November 22, 2010

School Visits!

I am an animator and illustrator from Toronto.  I would love to come to your school and share with you the story of how I was able to take my love of art and turn it into a career!  I always bring my current sketchbook with me for students to look through as well as a digital slide show of my art to show how I went from using art as a form of expression to turning it into a full time career.  Along with my talk I like to do hands-on activities with the students to show them how they can develop their skills.  

The emphasis of my presentations changes with the audience I am presenting to. For the younger grades I like to focus on how art can be used as a great form of expression and can be done anywhere at any time.  For older grades I focus more on the actual steps I took to become an animator and the application process of getting into a specialized arts high school or animation program in college.  In all presentations I share that art and animation both take a lot of hard work but it is always worth it because it is so much fun!

Along with the regular presentations, I also offer workshops on a variety of subjects including anatomy (life drawing), stop motion animation, hand drawn animation, memory sketching, cafe sketching, painting, perspective, and colour theory. 

If you are interested in discussing a presentation or workshop for your class please don't hesitate to  
 contact me at:
I love working with children and inspiring young minds with the unexplored possibilities of art!